Unfortunately, real feedback is NEVER shared with job seekers from an interviewer!  How can a job seeker reasonably expect to improve their interviewing skills when they do not receive constructive feedback?  This feedback could greatly enhance an individual’s ability to prepare for and ace future interviews.

The downside is that this information will NEVER be shared with you, which may lead to a perpetual cycle of failed interviews. There are a lot of interviewing books available for sale, but none of them focus on the Interviewing Dynamic, until now!

The Truth About Interviewing provides holistic perspectives on how interviewers interpret and analyze your interview responses. Rehearsing good responses or great answers is not enough; any seasoned recruiter or hiring manager will be able to notice if your answers are fabricated. You need to understand the dynamic, or why are they asking the question(s) they are asking, and what are they looking for? This will help you to ace any job interview, regardless of industry, using only your own background and experience!​

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